My crazy SF story

After some exhaustive, but ultimately successful weekend at PayPal's BattleHack, we (Connor, Connor and I) took some days off to chil, enjoy the nice SF weather and some sightseeing. On our second to last day, we toured the Marina, the Presidio, the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street. We were meeting a friend later at the Eventbrite offices, so we decided to bridge the time at a small pastry shop called Victoria Pastry Company. We were sitting outside, and while Connor and Connor had a lively discussion going on, I was sitting kind of to their backs as I had to take a call. However, traffic was too loud, so I had to go around the corner.

When I returned, I immediately noticed how my bag (with my computer and old passport), which was on the table, was gone. Not only that, but my cheese cake as well! Fast forward through the general yada yada of getting your things stolen (you panic, your look around suspecting everyone, you ask anyone whether they have seen anything), I surprisingly reached the acceptance stage fairly quickly. Connor and Connor felt pretty bad, but it was ultimately my fault for not telling them I would be gone. Megan, who was working the store that day, said she'd saw the person she suspected taking the bag, as she was behaving rather weirdly when she must have come in the seconds prior. She called the police and was generally incredibly accomodating. She even asked whether I wanted to take another cheese cake!

Knowing that I'd probably not get my bag back and accepting that being mad doesn't do me any good (such a good stoic, much surprise), I decided that we should just meet our friend regardless. Megan suggested to leave my phone number in case the police were to come.

After we met up with our friends and had some beers, I checked my phone and got the following voice mail:

I freaked out, she had the bag!!! I ran out of the building, looked up the address, booked a Lyft, bought a nice wine bottle and jetted to Victoria Pastry Company. Lo and behold, she had my bag. Apparently, the lady who took my bag just wandered around, but walked by the shop again while Megan was on her lunch break. In her awesomeness, she ran after the lady, confronted her and got my bag back! And she still offered me cheese cake!!! If Megan is not Employee of the Year, I dont know who is!!!

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