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  • Blockchain Tutorial

    As interest in blockchains grew, I wanted to learn more about it from a technical perspective. I ended up writing a simple tutorial where anyone can write a working blockchain from scratch in the browser. You can follow along the tutorial on Github or see the demo live at

    Boston, MA
    December 2017
  • Utah

    Attended a Mormon wedding in Salt Lake City and made a stint over to Arches

    Arches, Utah
    October 2017
  • Watcher

    I was exploring the opportunities a cross platform data model could give us. You can read my write-up or check out my proof-of-concept on Github

    Boston, MA
    September 2017
  • Algorithms

    I took the Coursera algorithms class as a refresher and did the assignments or related topics in Rust and Elm to see both more lower-level, systems approaches as well as high-level functional ones. You can find the code on Github

    Boston, MA
    July 2017
  • Croatia

    Went back to Europe with the main highlight being a roadtrip alongside the Croatian coast.

    May 2017
  • Stream Processing Survey

    Compared various stream processing frameworks like Spark Streaming, Akka Streams, Kafka Streams and Apache Beam against the Wellframe coding challenge. You can find the write at here

    Boston, MA
    April 2017
  • Machine Learning

    Took the the Andrew Ng Machine Learning class as well as dived into the deeplearning class. The former's assignments I did in Tensorflow which code you can find on Github

    Boston, MA
    January 2017
  • Death Valley
    Death Valley

    Only my third national park with a stop in Los Angeles!

    Death Valley, CA
    January 2017
  • Functional Programming

    I took the Functional Programming in Scala specialization on Coursera. It was my first exposure with Scala and you can find the code on Github here and here.

    Boston, MA
    December 2016
  • Green Bay

    Fantastic Trip to Green Bay by way of Chicago with the whole spiel of cheese curds and tailgating. And we won!

    Green Bay, WI
    December 2016
  • Europe

    Camping on the baltic sea and a stop in Maastricht

    May 2016
  • Auto-generated API documentation

    With a very small team, documentation oftentimes takes a backseat. Since we already had extensive API tests, I created a custom RSpec formatter that would spit out workable documentation for the clients. Read the write up here

    Boston, MA
    February 2016
  • Iceland

    Along the Algarve and Westcost of Portugal in a Campervan

    January 2016
  • Greece

    Roadtripping with my family through Greece over the holidays, hitting Athens, Delphi and the Peleponnes.

    December 2015
  • Portugal

    Along the Algarve and Westcost of Portugal in a Campervan

    Algarve, Portugal
    June 2015
  • Capetown

    First time to Africa to the beautiful town of Capetown

    Capetown, South Africa
    March 2015
  • Server-side Rendering in Rails with React

    "Holygrail" Webapp by writing isomorphic React/Flux backed by Rails. Read the write-up here.

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    March 2015
  • Vietnam

    Going home for Tet

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Feburary 2015
  • US Virgin Islands
    US Virgin Islands

    Winter Getaway

    Water Island, US Virgin Islands
    January 2015
  • PayPal Battlehack Boston Winner

    Won the PayPal Battlehack Boston 2014 hackathon with Late Night Safety Kit. Read more here

    We ended up going to the finals in San Francisco and making 3rd place.

    August 2014
  • Erutpa

    I loved Apture so much, that I decided to reincarnate it as Erutpa

    June 2014
  • Wellframe

    Software Engineering @ Wellframe, delivering personalized care when patients need it.

    June 2014


    I met Wellframe during Summer@Highland, stayed in touch and then joined them after college. I have learned loads, both technically and culturally about how to find product market-fit and grow in a massive and heavily regulated industry such as healthcare.

    I was an early software engineer taking Wellframe as a proof of concept in pilots with local hospitals to full enterprise readiness with Fortune 100 clients. Wellframe is delivering targeted interventions to patients through a mobile app, by offering a intelligent platform that personalizes care with clinically proven models and workflows.

    I was reponsible for everything from the Ruby on Rails backend, to a React-based frontend as well as general engineering practices and operation concerns such as CI and deploys.

  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

    Spontanous Getaway on a $168 Roundtrip fare. I wrote about my experience at The Most Spontaneous Thing I Have Done So Far.

    Playa del Coco, Costa Rica
    June 2014
  • Madagascar Project

    My contribution for our International Human Rights Class Project: A report on human rights in Madagascar. With TimeMachine flow effect and richly-tagged Maps. Check out here.

    Boston, MA
    April 2014
  • Miami

    Spring Break. 'Nuff Said.

    Miami, FL
    March 2014
  • IFTTT Webhooks

    Got annoyed enough that IFTTT still does not offer a Webhook trigger to make my own at

    Boston, MA
    March 2014
  • Find_each in Rails with custom ordering

    Tiny gem to allow find_each with custom ordering. Read about it here.

    Boston, MA
    March 2014
  • Winter Trip 2014

    Went home on a fuel-dumped ticket with a detour through the Swiss Alpes

    Swiss Alpes
    Feburary 2014
  • Los Angeles

    #HackTech in beautiful Los Angeles, built pinterest_heatmap, a heatmap of travel pins in Pinterest

    Los Angeles, CA
    January 2014
  • Winter Trip 2013

    Roadtrip with the bros with stops in Vermont, Atlantic City, Charlottesville, Savannah, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Sylvania

    December 2013
  • Paternalism Final Paper

    A repost of my final paper for my "Intro to Ethics" on the strength of paternalistic arguments

    Boston, MA
    December 2013
  • St. Louis

    Quick stint to the arch for an engineering camp

    St. Louis, MO
    October 2013
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial

    Gave a short Ruby on Rails tutorial at BU. Read more here.

    Boston, MA
    October 2013
  • About Page Redesign

    How. meta. is. this. Read. here.

    Berlin, Germany
    August 2013
  • Harz

    Family Trip into the German Mountains of the Harz

    Harz, Germany
    August 2013
  • Bangkok

    Busy, lively and charming capital. Horrible traffic.

    Bangkok, Thailand
    July 2013
  • Sapa

    The Alpes of Indochina

    Sapa, Vietnam
    July 2013
  • Danang

    Luxurious Beach Paradise

    Danang, Vietnam
    June 2013
  • Hanoi

    Family Heritage in and around Hanoi.

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    June 2013
  • Singapore

    Little Western metropolis right inside Asia

    June 2013
  • Spring Trip 2013 #2
    #SpringTrip2013 No.2

    3-week tour with stops at the Boston Marathon, Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, Palma de Mallorca, Milan and Venice.

    March 2013
  • Spring Trip 2013

    Roadtrip with Danielle and Wilken from San Antonio, TX to Las Vegas, NV. This time around I was 21 and made $500 at the poker tables in the Bellagio. At the shooting range in Alburquerque.

    Alburquerque, NM and Las Vegas, NV
    March 2013
  • SXSW

    Attended the world's largest tech and music festival. Sponsored by the Berlin Senate and hung with the InteractATX Crew

    Austin, TX
    March 2013
  • #EuroTrip2012

    Ice-cold tour through Prague, Vienna and Budapest

    December 2012
  • Credport

    Co-Founded my first company with Connor, my roommate from college. Rollercoaster would be an understatement.

    Boston, MA and Berlin, Germany
    Since 2012


    Credport is a trust platform for P2P marketplaces. It allows the portability of trust metrics such as reviews and social connections that are especially important for the Sharing Economy. Everything started with Connor's and mine passion for efficiency. We saw great potential in the model pioneered by Airbnb, but thought that the way we deal with trusting stangers online could be improved upon.

    Under the supervision of entrepreneurially-spirited Professor Byers at BU, I started to create the first prototype. Soon after, we were admitted to Summer@Highland, an incredibly great and generous program for young entrepreneurs. Towards the end of the summer, we decided that we couldn't simply return to BU, which is why we applied to Startupbootcamp Berlin, got in and moved in with my parents.

    You can read Credport's post-mortem at The Tale of Credport.

  • Las Vegas No. 1

    TechStars Seattle Interviews (unfortunately not 21 at the time)

    Las Vegas, NV
    Summer 2012
  • Rome

    City Trip with the family to the ancient city of Rome

    Rome, Italy
    Summer 2012
  • Machine Learning NFL Project

    Final project for me machine learning class in which I attempt to predict the quarterback's decision to run or pass on the play. Read about it here.

    Boston, MA
    May 2012
  • FBPhotoBrowser

    First time with Backbone and Node. First Github Project. Here you go.

    Boston, MA
    January 2012
  • Apture

    Interned at the semantic-web, contextual search company Apture (acquired by Google in 2011). My first real job.

    San Francisco, CA
    Summer 2011


    I have met Tristan at the Thiel Fellow event earlier the year and was immediately Tristan's passion and product sense. I told myself I had to work for him, no matter the outcome of the Thiel Fellow decision, and so I did.

    The beginning of my internship was quite scary, as I had no accomodation planned and it was the first time I had to dive into someone else's extensive code base. All while using a language and framework I never used before (Python/Django). Over time however, I get to appreciate all the things that make Silicon Valley one of the greatest places to work and live.

    Apture's product was (unfortunately discontinued) one of the greatest products of all time in my opinion. When you were reading something on the Internet, but didn't know what X or Y meant, you could simply highlight the term and Apture would give you a little popup with relevant information such as the entity's Wikipedia article, a Google Map, Youtube Videos, etc. It helped me tremendously as a non-native English speaker as well as fuel my curiosity. Before (and after :( ) Apture, I open up way too many Wikipedia articles in new tabs.

    Apture Demo On YouTube

    Among other things, I have sped up their local queries trenemendously and improved upon the UX of the map. Since users would generally look up locations of things they didn't know, a simple static map would often not be the best option. Instead, depending on the entity, we'd show a auto-zooming map to give context.

  • Puerto Vallerta

    Spring Break 2011

    Puerto Vallerta, Mexico
    Spring 2011
  • Boston University

    Attended college in the great city of Boston while pursuing a B.A in Computer Science.

    Boston, MA
    Since 2010

    Boston University

    Admitted into the inaugural class of the Kilachand Honors College and awarded the full-tuition Trustee Scholarship. Pursued a B.A. in Computer Science.

    I still count Boston University as one of the best things that could have happened to me. I grew tremendously as a person by immersing myself into American culture and getting to know people from all walks of life. It was also Boston that introduced my to Startups and Technology on a more professional scale.

    Course Work

    My Education has been deliberately more breath- than depth-focused. In my first two years in the Honors College, I had the fortunate of immersing myself into various disciplines. Espeically after my leave of absence, I have continued to gain the most of my education by broadening my horizon and taking classes in psycholopgy, philosophy, economics, international relations and visual arts.

    While I'm certainly not the biggest fan of the very theory/acedemia-oriented CS curriculum at BU, I did had my fair share of interesting courses, Machine Learning being my favorite.

  • Heinrich-Hertz-Gymnasium

    Attended the science-oriented high school and graduated with the Abitur with a GPA of 1.3

    Berlin, Germany
    2003 - 2010


    Attended the selective science-oriented high school in Berlin, cumulating in the Abitur, the German high education entrance certificate with a GPA of 1.3 (1.0 being best)

    I have loved my high school that allowed my to explore my academic interests among high-achieving peers. I have been class and school president and placed at the top of local and regional science olympiads.

    Only thing to complain about my high school is the quite devasting gender ratio of 1:5.

  • Event Photography

    Getting semi-serious with my photography hobby

    Berlin, Germany and Boston, MA
    2009 - 2010

    Event Photography

    As for many people, photography has been a close hobby of mine, not only for documentary, but artistic purposes as well. While this has been mostly a private endavour, I have peeked into the professional aspects of photography as well.

    For me, it started with Nightlife photography at Virtualnights. While it is, in many ways, a great job for nightlife-loving 18-year-old in me, it also is a really crappy one because of the hours. On the positive side, I did not had to worry about not having enough willing subjects.

    I later tried to get a foot in the door with Fashion Photography, and while I can put the Berlin and Boston Fashion Week onto my portfolio, I had to stop my venturing into professional photography because of time constraints. From this time, I especially appreciated my first exposure to a world unknown to me while covering exclusive locations and crowds.

  • First short

    Our first try at a short with my new camera yielded us a lucky second price in a competitiion on Youtube

    Berlin, Germany

    Short Movie

    After I got my first dslr, I was pumped to try out the video function. Back then, it was the first time you could possibly pull some nice video footage with amazing depth of field with a budget. The German parliament had a contest on YouTube for some creative entries to motivate especially the young population to vote. We took the opportunity and wanted to point out how mechanic many of us live their lives. It's time to break free and make your own decisions! We ultimately placed second and won a behind-the-secnes trip to the German parliament.

    YouTube Link

  • Tech Blogger

    A quick writing stunt at tech-blog

    Berlin, Germany

    Tech Blogger

    After seeing a job opening at my then favorite gadget blog, I decided to apply and see how it's like. At first, tt was pretty cool knowing that thousands of people would read your posts every day. However, the work itself was pretty dull. It most involved reading other blogs or press releases and create one generic post after the other.

  • Nam's Remote

    First money-making side-project

    Berlin, Germany
    Spring 2009

    Nam's Remote

    After the "success" of Maps Offline, I quickly realized the fun and reward of just building things that happen to solve a problem. Since I was always fascinated by alternative Input/Output methods to back then Mouse/Keyboard, I wanted to take advantage of the great sensors and technology the iPhone provided.

    This was also my first real side-project which involved me learning all the goodies of "real" programming. It took me a week to just understand Apple's "Hello World program". Eventually however, I managed to create something usable.

    Nam's Remote was heavily inspired by the Wii console and started with the idea that you should be able to use your iPhone as a steering wheel for PC games, much like YC-backed Flypad 4 years later. Furthermore, it included templates to remotely control media players, act like a touchpad/keyboard and many more.

    Nam's Remote YouTube Demo

    In hindsight, just like Maps Offline, I'm quite amazed how I have improvised and things worked out. I had no clue of memory allocation (nor ARC back in the days) and I had my brother do the basic design (as well as speak English in the videos). To control the host, I used the Java Robot API by sending RPC-like messages such as "|mousedown|300|200|" over a UDP connection. It was a lot of google, copy-paste and trial and error until it worked. And I am proud of it.

    Not only was I among the first 10,000 apps in the AppStore, Nam's Remote was my largest commercial success so far. Seeing the revenue figures right after school was out was quite exciting.

  • Maps Offline

    My first public side project ever.

    Berlin, Germany
    Summer 2008

    Maps Offline

    I don't even know whether Maps Offline deserves the connotation of side-project as it never exceeded 300 lines of code. And those lines are probably the ugliest mankind has ever seen.

    All started with my desire for the iPhone. It came out earlier in the year and I just needed to have it. It was just too damn expensive. Next best thing: the iPod Touch. Problem: No Internet on the go in the wifi-wasteland that is Germany. Back then, my internal navigation system wasn't quite upto modern standards. So I wanted maps offline.

    Like all good product stories, I was looking for a solution, couldn't find one, so I decided to try to build me own. Which is easier said than done without prior programming knowledge. Or official API's in the pre AppStore-days. In the end, I managed to scramble something together and lo and behold, people actually liked what I was doing. Seeing five-digit download numbers for something like Maps Offline still baffles me.

    To date, I trace all of my major life events back to this moment. To get a glimpse at the great quality of Maps Offline, watch the following Video:

    Maps Offline YouTube Demo

  • START Scholarship

    Support that I will be eternally grateful for

    Berlin, Germany
    2007 - 2010

    START Scholarship

    The START-Scholarship is a Germany-wide scholarship for motivated immigrant students with a financial need. It had a great impact on me and my view on a multicultural society. I was actually rejected the first time around.

    It was the first time I was exposed to different cultures apart from the German majority and Vietnamese subculture. Not until did the program support me financially, but also organized educational trips and seminars in various topics. It was especially the financial support that allowed me do live and learn more independently and broadly. Amonst other things, it helped to purchase the Macbook crucial for the development of Nam's Remote as well as my camera.

Images from Lemon Liu, Eric Milet, Kris Khoury from The Noun Project